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TerraTec: Home Cinema 5.103 Beta
30.08.2008 - 14:08
TerraTec: Home Cinema 5.103 Beta Auf den Servern von TerraTec stehen ab sofort neue Versionen des Home Cinema und des NOXON Home Server zum Download bereit. Neben kleineren Neuerungen bringt das Softwareupdate hauptsächlich eine ganze Reihe von Fehlerbereinigungen mit.

Version 5.101:
  • Cut!
    • Error messages have now a checkbox to ignore them in the future
  • Frequencies
    • Updated frequencies for DVB-C (Kabel Deutschland)
  • Noxon Home Server
    • My NOXON is now unchecked by default
  • OSD
    • Fixed: Channellist in OSD timer is empty when a movie is played.
    • Fixed: No video in the viewport when playing a video stream.
    • Implemented handling DELETE key in recordings OSD
  • Recording
    • Fixed: Automatic Cut! analysis of finished recordings doesn't work, if the application is automatically closed after a recording.
  • Setup
    • Fixed: Install after uninstall was impossible
  • Streaming
    • Temporarily disabled 'Stop' button for streaming content in the UI, because currently there is no specific action defined for that case.
    • New Feature: ZDF Mediathek
  • TVTV
    • TvTv is disabled after Setup unless it's enabled by the TvTv Wizard.
  • UI
    • Disabled Softmute. Fixes volume is getting lower when changing channels fast.
Version 5.102:
  • UI
    • Fix: DeskBand cannot be activated
Version 5.103:
  • General
    • Updated the H.264 and MPEG-2 decoders to the latest version
  • PiP
    • Fix: PiP window is not restored after the OSD channellist is closed
  • Recording
    • Fix: Manual recordings are lost at the end of THC
    • Fix: Under some circumstances editing a timer entry could create a new entry instead of replacing the old one
    • Fix: According to KB 318355 the default wake up time before a recording was set to two minutes and key INI key was renamed to "StartTime (min)"
    • Fix: Some recordings don't work when they are added through tvtv. For example this happened on Eurosport.
  • User interface
    • Updated OSD bitmaps
    • Improved description of timeshift buffer size in options (Added values for HDTV)

Homepage: [ www.terratec.net ]
Download: [ THC 5.103.00 Beta ] [ NOXON Server Beta ]
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