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Software: DVBViewer 4.2.1.
26.07.2009 - 12:44
Software: DVBViewer 4.2.1. Im Mitgliederbereich der DVBViewer Community kann die neue Version mit zahlreichen Änderungen bezogen werden.

Änderungen sind unter anderem:
  • Hardware
    • Add: Raw DiseqC support for KNC1 cards. Attention: The for this needed DLL is not compatible with older DVBViewer/Recording Service versions.
    • Fix: Some fixes for Unicable support.
    • Fix: Fixes for Skystar 2 DiseqC WDM.
    • Add: Added support for Technisat Cablestar Combo HD CI, a DVB-T/DVB-C Hybrid device.
    • Add: Experimental enhanced DiseqC (without rotor support!) and Unicable support for the Skystar 2 by griga.
  • General
    • Add: Instant recording popup menu: Added the functions stop after current program and stop after next program. The items are only available if there is EPG present.
    • Fix: Channel Auto Update for the main playback chocked on PMT=0 in the channel data.
    • Add: ISO Images: Added support for Virtual Clonedrive. Works the same as Daemon tools, but you have to select then VCDMount.exe instead of the Daemon.exe in the options.
    • Fix: Plugins: Fixed a problem on channel change with additional graph rebuild.
    • Fix: EPG Window: Fixed rounding errors which could lead to wrong recording times on some systems.
  • Vista support
    • Add: If the PC goes into the away mode the graph of the main playback is shutdown and the Viewer tells the system it can go to sleep, if wants needs to.
    • Add: The DVBViewer sets now the away mode when it is recording.
    • Change: Several changes to make the away mode work if the DVBViewer and the recording service are on the same PC. The hibernate and Shutdown action in the DVBViewer are mapped to the Standby action if the recording service is recording. This puts the PC into the away mode. (Needs the current version of the recording service)
  • more changes

Die Liste aller Änderungen kann im DVBViewer Forum abgefragt werden.

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