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VCDeasy Version 1.17
07.09.2003 - 12:49
VCDeasy Version 1.17 Neuerungen / Verbesserungen:
  • VCDEasy now computes the exact total size a VideoCD will have (as well has the exact size of its ISO filesystem part). So, a CD size bar and lots of useful improvements have been made thanks to this information now available.
  • You can create up to 6 hours CD quality AudioVCD, as the ability to use MPEG Audio only files has been added (lots of work behind this addition, lots of deep code has to be modified...). I think I will soon include a tool to generate such Audio only MPEG files. For the moment, I will write a guide on how to create some with TMPGEnc and Philips VCDMux. Note that a MPEG Still (picture) played before an audio only MPEG file should stay on the screen, so this is a way to make a high quality pictures slideshow with audio comments for each picture. :-) AudioVCD is also useful if your DVD Player does not read MP3 discs!
  • If you moved some files specified in a project file, VCDEasy will now ask you in order to find them. Nothing that clever here, this is just a start. The ultimate goal there is to have easy to use "project templates".
    The option "Do not show a compliance warning when adding a KVCD.net compliant MPEG file" has been added.
  • The ability to add Caption Text on MPEG Stills has been added.
  • A "Most Recently Used" list has been added for project files.
  • MPEG files with the extension .mmd are now accepted (from Philips VCDMux).
  • Lots of small improvements at many different places have been made.
  • VCDEasy should be more robust at startup.
  • Files with invalid "last modified date" (may occur with MPEG and .DAT files copied from a VideoCD to a NTFS hard disk) could create troubles, it should be fixed now.
  • The bad display of the Numeric Keys Grid's pick list when VCDEasy is mazimized has been fixed.
  • The Numeric Keys Grid's pick list now supports Copy/Paste... It will save time to some users!
  • Better use of information like OS, Administrator or not (in VCDEasy and in its setup exe) in order to give some warnings and avoid some troubles. For example, you must have Administrator rights to run VCDEasy on Windows XP while it is not necessary (even if recommended) to run it on Windows 2000.
  • A bug preventing some complex project files to be loaded has been fixed.
  • The bug related to the ability to make VideoCDs on 99min CD-Rs has been fixed.
VCDeasy gibt es wieder in zwei Versionen zum Download, eine limitierte und eine Vollversion.

Homepage: [ www.vcdeasy.org ]

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