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VirtualDub Version 1.5.6
11.10.2003 - 13:09
VirtualDub Version 1.5.6 features added
  • Added support for YV12 during fast recompress.
  • Input video is now displayed during fast recompress for UYVY and YUY2 modes.
  • Video display updates are now suppressed for panes that are totally hidden.
bugs fixed
  • MP3 rate correction was correcting dwRate but not
  • interleaving, causing some problems for embedded decoders. The interleaving rate is now adjusted on the fly. Note that MP3 correction is still not enabled when segmentation is active.
  • Time base for the position control was improperly affected by the "convert to fps" option.
  • Box blur" filter was broken on CPUs without MMX. Dumb (Dumb compiler bugs....)
regressions fixed
  • Menu cleanup: removed synchronous blit and histogram, fixed vertical layout and pane swap.
  • Fixed crash when loading some job configurations from 1.5.4 and below.
  • Fixed audio displacement not working in simple audio pipeline with forward offset.
  • Adjusted Z-order of status bar relative to panes.
  • MPEG-1 decoding was broken on platforms with MMX but without SSE2.
  • Plugin code could crash if no plugins were installed, particularly under Windows NT 4.0.
  • Video codec code occasionally named the wrong codec when reporting video format corruption during codec arbitration.
  • Corrected DCT coefficient pruning in MJPEG decoder.
  • Fixed crash when WAV open fails.
  • Delete was producing invalid subsets in some cases.
Homepage: [ www.virtualdub.org ]
Download: [ Download-Page ]

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