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DVBViewer V2.2
02.08.2004 - 22:41
DVBViewer V2.2 Neuerungen / Verbesserungen:
  • added: adjustable delay for control-bar popup
  • added: seeking with cursor-buttons in 10 seconds jumps without activating OSD
  • added: logarithmic volume control
  • added: new filter independent preview feature
  • added: aspect ratio of 2.35:1 (cinemascope)
  • added: adjustable size for subtitles
  • added: clicking pause during a broadcast automatically activates timeshift recording
  • added: integration of the Windows scheduler
  • added: hardware independent channel scanner
  • added: graphical EPG with timeline
  • added: dynamically updated channel list via plugin
  • added: pan & scan keyboard settings like in Radlight or BSPlayer (+, - in small increments)
  • modified: When using the DVBViewer as mediaplayer, the last directory should be remembered when selecting "open".
  • modified: Clicking the icon for teletext and EPG both opens and closes those windows.
  • removed: priority settings "idle" and "real time"
  • fixed subtitle/teletext bug on BBC and other channels
  • fixed (must be set to automatic): The OSD teletext doesn't feature vowel mutations ("Umlaute").
  • fixed: When selecting "open" in the DVBViewer menu but then "cancel" you won't return to the broadcast but go to the radio mode.
  • fixed: The DVBViewer source-filter doesn't work when there's no other other audio decoder than the MPEG audio decoder registered.
  • fixed: You can't open DVD files on hard disk with the OSD because .ifo extensions are filtered.
  • fixed: When exporting a channel list as .ini file, the AC3 settings aren't stored correctly.
  • fixed: Problem when adjusting a starting time of 00.00h in the video-recorder.
  • fixed (for VMR): The context menu doesn't open directly at the mouse pointer but at least 20 pixels besides.
  • fixed: The position of the radio skin isn't saved.
  • fixed: Wake-up after suspend.
  • fixed: Timeshift.ts is being deleted instead of "keep timeshift file" when using the control bar.
  • fixed/added: completely rewritten teletext routines
  • fixed: Although "pause" is assigned to the space-bar the video is stopped and not paused when playing back media files.
  • fixed: negative values are not possible for EPG time zone
  • fixed: settings for contrast, brightness and saturation are not correctly remembered.
  • fixed: HTML EPG problem (wrong characters)
  • fixed: Seeking via the cursor buttons during timeshift playback only works as long as the recording continues.
  • fixed: When using desktop-TV with skins returning to normal viewing mode is not in order, there is a normal sized DVBViewer window, but only the window, there is no skin and there are no controls
  • fixed: In DVD playback only the progress bar in the skin works but not the one in the control bar.
  • a lot more *yummy* ;)
Die neue Version steht allen registrierten Benutzern auf der Homepage zum Download bereit.

Homepage: [ www.dvbviewer.com ]

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