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MyTheatre Version 3.20 final und 3.30.01
07.11.2004 - 01:16
MyTheatre Version 3.20 final und 3.30.01 Neuerungen in Version 3.20.01:
  • fix: command line didn't work right in v3.20
  • fix: now MyTheatre prevents switch to channel without audio track
Neuerungen in Version 3.20 final:
  • NEW: Display Teletext Subtitles in generic renderer mode.
  • fix: fixes in MUI (multilanguage interface) - some OSD strings was initialized before language file.
  • fix: start from 12:00AM in recording time when system time uses 12 hour scale.
  • fix: bug while exit:DVB card uninitialized before than PID filters deleted. (was caused problems with cards which have Hardware PID filters)
  • fix: EPG not populated if Compact selected as "at start" (long awaited fix which was hard to catch!)
  • fix: Show/Hide by click on tray icon sometimes didn't work.
  • fix: check for availability of disk for timeshift file.
  • fix: access violations while scan presented in recent releases
  • fix: access vilolation while switching from live to file mode and back
  • fix: volume control in playback mode sometimes didn't work
  • fix: MyTheatre "file_to_playback" didn't work
  • fix: some little visual fixes
  • fix: some fixes in EPG parser
  • upd: MTRemote greately has been rewritten.
  • upd: speed up work with settings.ini
  • new: Option in Expert Settings for workaround for some Guide channels like Multivision NOOS (HotBird), Channel 9 Guide (Australia).
  • new: support DMO Filters, optional (Miscellaneous->Support DMO Filters)
  • new: Subtitles on/off in shortcuts
  • new: Direct Shortcut functions call through PostMessage/SendMessage regardless assigned key (SDK)
  • new: AC3 audio priority over MPEG2 audio (Settings->Audio/Volume)
  • new: option "Don't update channel names while scan" (Miscellaneous)
  • new: Sort transponders by polarization/band while scan (probably better way to scan)
  • new: option "Send DiSEqC message as Pol/Band change while scan" (Miscellaneous)
  • new: "distinguish channels by NID+SID while scan" (Miscellaneous)
  • new: check for Win9X/ME. no more errors - just mention about refuse to work under win9X/ME
  • new: simple broadcast. use VLC (www.videolan.org) as player on client PC.
  • new: pressed CTRL while loading MyTheatre -> disable graphs/broadcast
  • new: pressed ALT while loading MyTheatre -> OFFLINE mode
  • new: "optimize videosize for wide screen" ON/OFF through shortcut (shortcut settings)
  • new: Added Twinhan USB DVB-S VP702X
  • new: Added TwinHan USB DVB-T VP7045
  • new: display Volume and Channel Number in generic mode
  • new: simple display of position in timeshift buffer in generic mode as it changes by shortcut key.
  • new: option "Use OSD in generic mode" (IVR/OSD settings). Note: for generic renderer mode i suggest use graphs W2K (Overlay Mixer2 + Video Renderer) instead WXP (VMR7 Video renderer) if you want less flickering OSD.
  • new: more OSD info in generic renderer mode.
Homepage: [ www.dvbcore.com ]
Download: [ Version 3.20.01 ]

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