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Media Portal Version 0.1.3
02.07.2005 - 11:14
Media Portal Version 0.1.3 Neuerungen/Verbesserungen:
  • A faster MediaPortal start-up time
    MediaPortal will now start-up at roughly 1/3 of the previous start-up time.
  • My TV: ATSC support.
    (Note: This is for cards with BDA drivers only)
  • My TV: Recording Priorities
    When scheduling a recording you will be able to set a priority of that recording so other scheduled programmes don't take precedence
  • Recording Qualities
    Also when scheduling a recording you'll be able to set a recording quality type for that scheduled recording - This will work only with Hauppauge based PVR cards.
  • My TV: Recording conflict management
    Now when recording shows and a scheduled or manual recording is present MediaPortal will now prompt you for which one to keep.
  • My TV: Episode retention policy
    This allows you to specify in configuration the maximum number of episodes to keep
  • My TV: Automatic background EPG & MHW grabbing
    MediaPortal will now grab the EPG data for the current transponder/multiplexers channels and automatically populate the TV Guide.
  • My TV: Video statistics
    Press ! to receive video statistics while playing a movie or watching TV and it will show the average frame rate, av/sync, frames drawn, frames dropped and jitter
  • My Programs: Direct MAME Support
    MyPrograms will query the internal MAME database to gather information about the ROMS that are installed on your system. With this info, MyPrograms will fill in the Manfucaturer, Year, Overview information and - find the correct official title of your ROM files.
  • My Programs: Improved Screens
    MyPrograms List-View will display a screenshot / slideshow of the currently selected item on the left.
  • My TV: MP's own MPEG-2 sections & tables parser
    Agree has done a fantastic job of making a MPEG-2 sections & tables parser.
  • My TV: Twinhan DVB CI support
    The CI of twinhan cards is now supported
  • My TV: Notify me
    Mediaportal can now give you a visual notification when a program is about to start
  • My TV: Compress
    Compress your DVR-MS files to mpg, xvid or WMV
  • My Music: speedup
    Browsing/playing mp3's has become a lot faster
  • My Music: All songs
    New view showing all your songs
  • My Music: Itunes
    Use iTunes as external media player
  • My Music: Reorganize
    Completely reworked music re-organisation
  • My Videos
    specify the default language for movie subtiles
  • My Videos
    New view : unwatched movies. MP now keeps track which movies you have watched already
  • My Videos: IMDB actor info
    When lookin up IMDB information the actor biography is now also available
  • General: Remote
    added native support for FireDTV and Hauppauge remote controls
  • General: Screensaver
    blanks the screen (optional) after 1 minute
  • Caller ID: ISDN
    Caller id plugin now works with ISDN also
Homepage: [ mediaportal.sourceforge.net ]
Download: [ Download-Page ]

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