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Software: Update für DVBViewer Pro
23.10.2006 - 06:15
Software: Update für DVBViewer Pro Im Memberbereich von DVBViewer.com steht ein Update (Vers. mit folgenden Änderungen und Erweiterungen zum Download bereit.

Änderungen / Erweiterungen:
  • fixes
    • Teletext Subtitles: Fixed problem of teletext subtitles not automatically enabled. Please check.
    • DVD: Fixed problem with false default audio language seleted for dvd-playback.
    • WMV Playback: Fixed a bug in wmv-playback.
    • Networkdevices: Fixed problem with changing encrypted channels on same transponder.
    • GUI-Skin: Fixed Problem when exiting DVBViewer while a recording was ongoing.
    • DVB-S2: Fixed another problem on tuning DVB-S2 devices.
    • 120dpi: some fixed regarding large window-font and the GUI.
    • Netstreaming Plugin: Fixed stream whole transponder is not saved to setup.xml.
  • add
    • Timers: Added a non writing timer (also non database persistant). Simply put "NFW" (in capital letters without quotes) at the very beginning of the timer description. These timers will be handled and executed like normal timers. They are of use for EPG-Updating (together with the taskscheduler plugin).
    • Hardware Options: You can now exclude devices from collecting EPG-Data (example: the dvb-s2 device to lessen cpu load). Per default, EPG-Collection is NOT disabled.
  • upt / change
    • EPG-Window: Several little fixes and improvements for the reworked epg-window.
    • Language files: Updated and corrected deutsch and english language files.
    • EPG-Window: Removed Close button in the search panel.

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Download: [ www.dvbviewer.com/members ]

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